As the history of Federation Weekly Law Reports casts itself in the flow of a continuum, its re-positioning under the aegis of a new structure has become a Hobson’s choice. Its current forlon hope need to be redressed on the platform of a new reformation. The outgrowth of a new re-shaping must seek a new essence for the destiny of this intellectual enterprise.

Federation Weekly Law Reports fosters its continuity and excellent contribution to Nigerian juridical growth under a re-structured and revitalized corporate setting, which aims to release this project from the claws of its present decapitating and incapacitating experience, arising from the sinking of its operational capital, following the abrupt collapse of the main banker of New Century Law Publishers Limited, the African International Bank Limited. The imperious blizzards that have accentuated the amazing and bewildering circumstances in this setting have turned assunder the joint venture or incoporated partnership called New Century Law Publishers Limited, on which the ideals of this work have been predicated and promoted. Now, those circumstances have propelled billows and interminable conflict of a complexion which may permanently halt or impair the vision, planning, and ideals - the main convoys - of this project. The cherished courtesy of an armistice has not found a foothold. Thus, a decisive introspective choice seems expedient to be constructed so as to assure the keeping of the destiny of this endeavour in the invigorating path of excellence and usefulness.

Renaissance Law Publishers Limited RC 370,992 (incorporated in 1999), [a precursor of New Century Law Publishers Limited RC 374,138 (incorporated in 2000)], who originally and still owns the intellectual property to Federation Weekly Law Reports, historically and poetically, must assume responsibility to keep on the fire and fibre of the philosophy, ideals and expectations of this weekly law publication, still under the editorial management of Taiwo Kupolati, Esq.

We count on the understanding and co-operation of our customers nationwide and do promise that the flag of Federation Weekly Law Reports under Renaissance Law Publishers Limited shall remain high and stoic in concept, measure, and services. The promise to offer improved services, under an affordable price and better-value regime, and the desire to seek an expansion of the columns of the influence of this outfit, in terms of creating other titles, come as a compensation and appreciation for your fervent and consistent support for this publishing enterprise.

We shall keep aglow the flame of your interest in Federation Weekly Law Reports and instruct proper encouragement, in other spheres, as definite measures, which will propitiously enhance the complete realisation of the goals of our editorial efforts.

We think that we must keep on advancing in the principles of this endeavour and strength the enduring purpose of its emergence. These ends can only be gained and secured in the affirmative urges of this new reformation. Lest the noble spirit of our first declarations of 5 June 2000 perish unsung.

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