• Adike v. Obiareri
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  • 2002-12-02
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Adike v. Obiareri








SULE AREMU OLAGUNJU, JCA ( Read the Lead Judgment )



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DAMAGES - Award of damages by trial court - When appellate court will interfere therewith

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WORDS AND PHRASES - ‘Issues’ - Definition of

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1.            Whether the respondent’s grantor established his title to the land in dispute

2.            Whether there is a clear identification of the land in dispute by the respondent qua the plaintiff at the court below.

3.            Whether the learned trial Judge made the correct findings on how the land in dispute was acquired, who are the appellant’s grantors and the vesting date on the appellant’s deed of lease.

4.            Whether the conclusion that the appellant is a trespasser is justified and whether the quantum of damages was based on the correct principle:


The plaintiff/respondent filed an action against the defendant/appellant at the Anambra State High Court, sitting at Onitsha, seeking declaratory relief, damages and injunction in respect of the disputed land.

The land in dispute was acquired on 1/6/77 by one Raphael Mgbemena from Umuonu family of Ire Village in Obosi in accordance with Obosi native law and custom. The grant was subsequently covered by a written agreement.

The highlight of the controversy between the parties are that they are both claiming ownership of the same piece of land sold to each of them at different times by the same vendor, Raphael Mgbemena. The plaintiff and defendant contacted the Umuonu family, sought and obtained its approval on the strength of which each party obtained different customary right of occupancy from the same local government.

During hearing, the plaintiff called six witnesses including herself while the defendant did not testify but called three witness. After the conclusion of hearing and written addresses of counsel, the learned trial Judge granted all the reliefs sought by the plaintiff/respondent having found from the pleadings and the evidence of the parties that the plot of land sold to the defendant/appellant was different from the one sold to the plaintiff.

Being dissatisfied with the said judgment, the defendant/appellant brought this appeal formulating fourteen issues for determination of the appeal. The Court of Appeal in its wisdom condensed the formulated issues to four: whereby the Court of Appeal is called upon to determine inter alia whether there is a clear identification of the land in dispute by the plaintiff/ respondent at the court below.