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Ade yinka - August 8, 2019, 6:37 pm




How to start your own law firm


Starting a law firm right after you pass your law school papers is one thing that seems to be discouraged today . The right thing to do ( as senior lawyers put it) is to engage in some form of pupilage in order to become more conversant with law practice and its technicalities. Some even say that what is taught in law school differs a bit from what really happens in the real law practice . While this is true, it does not stop you from preparing to become an entrepreneur (owner of your law firm) later on in future. You can learn from another lawyer and set up your private practice later.  

I would be sharing few tips with you on how you can start your law firm practice.  

One of the first things you should determine are your company policies, structure and organizational development. I say this because many law firms do not pay attention to this side of law practice. It is not just about going to court, scheduling meetings with clients, working extra hours, researching law books in the library and all of that, focusing on the future requires that company policies and organizational development or structuring be checked periodically. 

Organizational development involves building the requisite capacity for learning, excellent delivery and leadership in your staffs for maximum attainment of company goals and policies. 

The company policies are underlying guidelines that supports existing structures within your team. If you have a big dream to open various outlets of your law firm in different parts of the state and other countries, you cannot ignore structure, polices and development. 

Another thing to do is to determine the areas of specialization for your law practice. This does not stop you from taking briefs that are non-related to your area of skill or expertise, but allows you to narrow down to what you are obviously passionate about as a lawyer. One good thing is that once you discover your area of boost and pursue the required skill needed to flourish in that area, discovering your target audience, niche or market becomes easy. 

If you eventually get into your market and start making meaningful sales with customers, don’t ever forget the rule of customer relationship management and brand loyalty. This is the most crucial part of your work. How you treat your first big customer determines the next catch you have. People are naturally brand evangelist if your do their work well and supersede their expectations. Doing your work requires a lot of lawyering skills. If you have not developed yourself well, don’t worry, take time to study and practice ,with time you will better at your duties. Treat every customer with respect and value. Don’t underestimate any opportunity because you are starting out small or because of inadequate legal fees. It’s not okay to start out this way. 

Define company’s mission and values, share with staff members and make it a practice to live out stipuated  values as the Chief executive officer or principal partner of your company. Understand everything about financial statement. I tell people that being a lawyer does not disturb you from understanding money or financial statement.  It’s a plus for you if you do. 

Learn how to grow a united team. Find the books that contain principles or proven rules on how to build companies from scratch, read them thoroughly, searching for proven thoughts that can help you stabilize what you have. 

Finally, connect with one or more people who will teach and instruct you in your journey. No man is an island, find mentors that have been to where you have been before and stick to their advice. 

The best is out there for you, find what you truly love to do as a lawyer, take responsibility for the success of your company and the rest will be history!





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