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Ade yinka - August 5, 2019, 3:42 pm



Productivity isn’t just about checking boxes off your to-do list, it is about making sure you are getting the right things done, in the right timeframe, in a successful and effective way. Having a good productivity and effective way. Having a good productivity system in order, and an effective work-flow you enjoy is not only valuable for your academics, but also your personal life. 

The first step towards being more productive is establishing the goals you want to achieve. Once you establish goals, you will be able to do more effectively, prioritize tasks and set time management guidelines. 

Once you have a goal in mind, create a mission or purpose statement behind the goal you have set. Whether you are passionate about the project or not, reminding yourself of the reason why you are doing a project is a helpful way to staying focused. Once you have a goal and a mission statement in mind for your project, generate a to-do list of every task – small or large that will be necessary to complete the project, including any ideal task that could be part of your project but are not critical. 

One reason why productivity systems fails is because you often have too much on your plate. Being able to say “yes’ to the right goals or things and “no” to the clutter that gets into the way is important when prioritizing tasks. Prioritization means working along a purpose-driven path; you are aware of what you need to do, capable of doing it and know how to delegate anything else that requires help. Remember, having a clear understanding of the “why” means that you can easily discard any task that do not live up to your mission statement. It’s important to recognize that achieving your goals often requires collaboration with others. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses, then delegate tasks to others available to help fulfil your greater vision. Also, try to focus on your important tasks rather than the less important ones. 

Now that you have tackled your to-do list, its time to think about how to manage your time given all of the prioritization work you have accomplished. Here are just few ways you can better structure your time frame if you want to be more productive. 

Try this technique

Pick a task that you can accomplish in 25 minutes and solely work on the task, letting no external distractions creep into your mind. If you are able to do one session successfully, slowly expand until you can turn your day into a set of focused work sessions. Don’t forget that this technique is built on the ides of true focused effort and taking breaks.  

Batching is another technique that enables you to accomplish lots of similar small tasks in one sitting. By grouping repetitive, regular tasks into concentrated work sessions, you may turn many tasks into a single task.  To use batching method, simply think of all the different tasks that can be grouped together. It could be catching up on a mail, getting class assignments done, washing clothes, house chores etc. Do all these type of task at once, so that your mind is not switching back and forth all day. 

Another technique to imbibe is to focus on your most difficult task when you are highly active or productive while doing the less demanding ones later.

Create margins for yourself, instead of creating an unrealistic rigid structure, give time for flexibility and down moments. By having too rigid schedules, you will cause yourself to burn-out. Instead take breaks, plan for Netflix nights, immerse yourself in things that relaxes you, and never feel guilty about your down moments. 

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